Joe Shely

Joe Shely

Joe Shely is a senior game designer for Diablo III.


Shely played the original Diablo, and played Diablo II while in college. In the latter, he played as a Frost Sorceress,[1] and a Necromancer.[2] While in college, he also worked as an intern in a tech company. He spent every evening playing Diablo II. According to Shely, playing the game was instrumental in making him want to go into the games industry, and work at Blizzard Entertainment.

Shely joined Blizzard prior to 2007.[3] He began work on Diablo III shortly after the original release. He worked on Reaper of Souls, working on monsters, bosses, systems, Adventure Mode, and Greater Rift tuning.[1] He also worked on the monster design for Greyhollow Island.[4]


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