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Jondar's in-game model

Jondar, the Necromancer Betrayer is a Super Unique human enemy in Diablo III. He is a former member of the Templar Order who betrayed his brethren to become a necromancer serving the Dark Coven.



Kormac was chasing him when he was captured by Dark Cultists. After the player(s) free the Templar, he asks them to help him kill Jondar. After Jondar is defeated, he tells Kormac that he was led astray by the Coven's evil magic. But Kormac, unforgiving of the betrayal, kills him without mercy.

It is learned through conversations with Kormac throughout the game and his perusal of Jondar's notes that Jondar turned against the Order soon after reading the "key words" that restored his memories of life before the Order recruited him, and it's presumed that Maghda and her minions found him shortly after this and turned him to their side. Kormac also discovers plans in Jondar's notes for angelic weapons made for human hands, with runes similar to those that grace the armor of Tyrael.

Jondar is a bounty in the game's Adventure Mode. There is also another Necromancer Betrayer in Adventure Mode named Rad'Noj, whose name is 'Jondar' spelled backwards.[1] They both have the ability to shoot multiple Poison bolts in five directions simultaneously, much like Poison Nova, and can summon Skeletons (named Servants of Jondar) at their side.


Hardcore Monk - Inferno Jondar kill and Strat - Diablo 301:11

Hardcore Monk - Inferno Jondar kill and Strat - Diablo 3


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • A rare monster named Jonn-Dar exists in World of Warcraft. Moreover, the achievements that involve killing him are named after Kormac's battle exclaims.


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