Kethuus was one three spellcasters sent by the Council of Clans to apprehend the renegade mage Zorun Tzin. Kethuus was described as a wily eyed man and having a very dark skin, dark enough to make him appear a shadow. Like most mages, Kethuus was arrogant and overconfident of his abilities.

When Zorun Tzin's magic was traced to the underground tunnels beneath Kehjan, Kethuus accompanied Uldyssian to personally inspect the site, hoping to find a trace of Malic. However, they were ambushed by a water demon. Uldyssian managed to slay the beast and after the display of his vast powers, Kethuus warmed up to Uldyssian, finally treating him with respect. This moment was short-lived, however, as Nurzani and a host of mages appeared and tried to take Uldyssian into their custoddy for the alleged murder of the Council members.

The last time Kethuus was mentioned, he was shouting protests to Nurzani, telling him Uldyssian was innocent. It remains unknown what became of Kethuus.

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