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Khalim was the one-time Que-Hegan (highest divine authority) of the High Council of the Zakarum. When the Priests of Zakarum were taken by the dark powers of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, Khalim alone remained on the side of Light. Enraged, Mephisto ordered the other Council Members to kill him. Khalim was slain and dismembered, and his remnants were scattered across the kingdom. He was succeeded as Que-Hegan by Sankekur, who would later become Mephisto's host.

Khalim's Heart, Brain, and Eye are all that remain of him. Deckard Cain realized that the relics of the uncorruptible priest would be able to destroy the Compelling Orb that the Council had created to control the rest of the Zakarum faithful. The relics are recovered, along with his flail, in the Khalim's Will Quest.

Khalim was incorruptible, and his spirit will never rest until the Lord of Terror is vanquished for all time.

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