King of the Ziggurat is an event in Ruins of Sescheron Act III of Diablo III, found only in Adventure Mode. It can be nominated a bounty.



The platform after the event's end

The ziggurat is a central platform with 4 stairs on 4 sides. Upon finding it, players must first kill Arthak (the easy part). After his death, an endless tide of Ice Clan Khazra of all types start to spawn on all four stairs and move to the middle.

The middle platform (square image of the Barbarian warrior) will glow with blight golden light as long as no Khazra remain on it, but at least one player does. When at least one enemy steps on it, or all players leave it, the light goes out, and only resumes when a player and no enemies are within the image's borders.

For every second the image glows, the pillar to the north will go down a little bit. When it is finally completely lowered, the event ends, rewarding gold, experience and a Resplendent Chest. The progress bar does not go down while Khazra are standing in the central square, but if player's DPS is not high enough, it may take a lot of time to complete the criteria, as Khazra respawn very quickly.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The name of the event is likely a pun towards the child game called "King of the Hill".


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Diablo III. King of the Ziggurat Event (RUS)

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