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"Kingsport, the city by the sea. Home to the great merchant fleets and endless nets of reeking fish!"



Kingsport is a city in the Kingdom of Westmarch, located on its south-eastern coast.[1][2] It has "a lot of style, but is a bit of a dump,"[3] and the city features slums. Great merchant fleets are found here, and the city has its own guard.[4] The Thieves and Merchants guilds have a presence as well.[5]

Known ResidentsEdit

Known LocationsEdit


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • According to Valerie Watrous, Kingsport is located very close to the capital.[3] This is contradicted by maps of Sanctuary, which show that Kingsport and the capital are located on opposite sides of the country.[6]


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