Knell Striker is a unique Scepter from Diablo II.

With small damage and little offensive bonus besides Crushing Blow, Knell Striker is rarely effective past early game. However, it does have useful bonuses to Poison and Fire Resist, making it handy against certain bosses.

As it is a Treasure Class 3 item, it may only be found in Normal Act I. Its high uqlvl make it a very rare drop.



Knell Striker

One-Hand Damage: 10 To (18-19)
Required Level: 5
Required Strength: 25
Durability: 50
Mace Class - Fast Attack Speed
+70-80% Enhanced Damage
+50% Damage to Undead
25% Chance Of Crushing Blow
+35 To Attack Rating
Poison Resist +20%
Fire Resist +20%
+15 To Mana

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