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Knights of Westmarch
Paladin Artwork
Race Humans
Leader General Torion
Affiliation Westmarch
Headquarters Westmarch
Type Paladin order
Standing Active
Appearances Diablo III (mentioned only)
Storm of Light
Book of Tyrael (mentioned only)

The Knights of Westmarch are a Paladin order in service of Westmarch.


Pure at heart, during the Darkening of Tristram, the knights closely followed the teachings of the Zakarum.[1] The knights have since become a largely secular order, more focused on defending Westmarch from physical rather than spiritual harm.[2] They are led by a knight commander.[3]


The Knights of Westmarch were founded after Rakkis's conquest of Westmarch,[4] and were in service to the realm by the time King Korsikk came to the throne.[3] In 1263,[5] the knights defeated the forces of King Leoric of Khanduras,[1] who had ordered an invasion of Westmarch.[6] After Mephisto's corruption of the Zakarum Church was revealed, the knights, eager to diminish their connections with such corruption, absorbed the Order of Paladins into their ranks.[4]

Known MembersEdit


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