The Knights of Westmarch are a Paladin order in service of Westmarch.


Pure at heart, during the Darkening of Tristram, the knights closely followed the teachings of the Zakarum.[1] The knights have since become a largely secular order, more focused on defending Westmarch from physical rather than spiritual harm.[2] They are led by a knight commander.[3]


The Knights of Westmarch were founded after Rakkis's conquest of Westmarch,[4] and were in service to the realm by the time King Korsikk came to the throne.[3] In 1263,[5] the knights defeated the forces of King Leoric of Khanduras,[1] who had ordered an invasion of Westmarch.[6] After Mephisto's corruption of the Zakarum Church was revealed, the knights, eager to diminish their connections with such corruption, absorbed the Order of Paladins into their ranks.[4]

Known MembersEdit


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