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Kurast was the capital city of Kehjistan and lies in the East beyond the Twin Seas.

It is visited in Act III of Diablo II, consisting of the following sections:

Both Deckard Cain and Meshif comment that Kurast was once a beautiful place to live, but has changed much since the forces of Mephisto have waged war upon the town and its inhabitants. Kurast, out of all the besieged towns visited within the battle against the Burning Hells at the time of Diablo II, seems to be the most hard hit of them.

It is clear that the city once extended far beyond the dock area. The reason the dock area is the only inhabited part left is because Ormus cast a protective barrier upon the town, but could only do so in the dock area. All the thousands inhabitants of the mighty city have either been killed, corrupted, or retreated to the Docks.

The Dark Wanderer is seen leaving the Kurast Docks upon the arrival of the Hero.

After the defeat of Mephisto, Emperor Hakan I declined to return to the city, no longer trusting the Zakarum after their failure. The Imperial court thus remained in the new capital city of Caldeum.

The architecture of the stone buildings resemble a Meso-American theme of the Mayans and other Central American civilizations.


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