Kurast Bazaar
Act Act III
Quests None
Monsters Hell Swarms, Zakarumite, Faithful, Sexton, Thrasher
Adjacent Zones Lower Kurast, Upper Kurast
Area Level Normal 22
Area Level Nightmare 52
Area Level Hell 81
Waypoint Yes

The Kurast Bazaar is a part of the city located between Lower Kurast and Upper Kurast. There are numerous buildings, as well as two temples leading into two dungeons - the Ruined Temple and Disused Fane. Players need to explore these dungeons in order to advance Lam Esen's Tome (quest).

The Bazaar seems to have been the heart of the city, with many shops and market-like buildings. Various variants of the now corrupt Children of Zakarum can be found within the Bazaar, along with their priests.

The Bazaar has a waypoint.

There are entrances to the Sewers as well; players need to explore the sewers in order to find Khalim's Heart.

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