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Lachdanan is the former captain of King Leoric's Royal Guard, and a knight of noble repute. He survived an ill-fated attack on Westmarch, returning with his remaining forces to find an insane Leoric, whose now-corrupted knights attacked Lachdanan's company. Though Lachdanan managed to kill the king, he was cursed to eternal damnation with Leoric's last words.


Lachdanan, retreating to the recesses of the fourteenth level of the dungeon in Diablo, implores the player to find for him a Golden Elixir to allow him to rest in peace, and gives the player his helmet if this is accomplished. He is the chief subject of the quest of the same name.

Diablo IIIEdit


Lachdanan as depicted in Diablo III

Lachdanan appears in Diablo III in the form of scrolls he wrote during his journey to die in the 14th level, which detail the King's descent into madness.

Eventually, the player will find his ghost in the Royal Crypts, where a spectral reenactment will play out of Lachdanan slaying Leoric, and Leoric's final curse upon him and the knights under his command.

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