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Not much is known about other languages in the world of Sanctuary but there are many magical runes and writings that appear in Lut Gholein and Kurast. The ancient tombs and shrines in the deserts of Aranoch and the derelict and corrupted Zakarum cities near Kurast are filled with unrecognizable writings and runes.


The infernal servants of hell have their own language. The fallen that appear around the Rogue Monastery babble and shout curses in this tongue.


The druids of Scosglen created their own language, separate than that of their Barbarian relatives. It is based on the real life language of Irish Gaelic.


The monks of Ivgorod in Diablo III speak with a thick accent reminiscent of Slavic languages, making it probable that they have their own language.


The citizens of Kurast speak with thick accents, showing that it is probable that Kehjistan has its own language. The accents are similar to real world Indian accents. Possible speakers include Ormus, Alkor and Hratli .

Lut GholeinEdit

The names of various characters from this town are reminiscent of real life middle-eastern languages, and they include Jerhyn, Warriv and Meshif. No character speaks with an accent however, making it possible it is a dead language.

The caravan leader in Diablo III speaks in a middle-eastern accent, and it is possible he speaks the language of Lut Gholein.


The Umbaru tribes seem to have their own language, which one can hear when Witch Doctors cast their spells and rituals. It is possible it is a dialect of Kehjistani.


Not much is known about the island of Xiansai, but what has been revealed shows it to have Asian influences. The gem artisan Covetous Shen in Diablo III speaks with somewhat of a Chinese accent.

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