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Appears in: Diablo III
Significance: Minor
Service(s): Vendor, Repair
Residence(s): Deserted Cellar
Starts quest(s): N/A
Portrayed by: Unknown

Larra is a child merchant found hiding in the Deserted Cellar in Act II of Diablo III.


Larra's parents were killed by members of the Coven. Her mother told her to hide, and she successfully did so. Her parents weren't so lucky, being dragged away, and killed.

About a week later, Larra was found by the Nephalem. While haunted by her parents' deaths, she wouldn't be broken, and acted as a merchant, taking after her father (a famous merchant himself).[1]


Larra appears as an NPC in Act II of the game, hiding in the Deserted Cellar in the Black Canyon Mines (northern spawn point for the cellar only).

Larra sells weapons, potions and Dyes on difficulties above Normal.

Spawning LarraEdit

Larra is not a guaranteed spawn, and it can take several attempts before the Deserted Cellar will appear. Start a game (on any difficulty) at the second stage of The Road to Alcarnus and take the Black Canyon Mines Waypoint. Scour the zone for the cellar, which can appear either to the west of waypoint or to the north or neither. If the Deserted Cellar is not present leave and rejoin the game, then repeat your search of the buildings for the Deserted Cellar, repeat for as long as is necessary.


  • "Who's there? Please, don't eat me."
  • "I thought you were one of the bad people, or maybe even a demon. They killed my father, but I won't let them kill what he worked for. He was a great merchant. I'm going to be just like him!"
  • "There haven't been many customers of late... But you look rich and dangerous. Buy something and make a girl's day?"
  • "About a week has passed since the cultists found us. Mama told me to hide; I was always good at hiding - no one could ever find me because I would choose the places where no one wanted to look. Then they dragged my parents away.. I can still hear them screaming."


Talking to Larra is one of the criteria for completing the Market Research achievement, along with:


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