Barbarians in cages

The Last of the Barbarians event in the beginning

Last of the Barbarians is an event that may be encountered in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III of Diablo III (Adventure Mode only).

The event starts when players enter the open-topped hall and find a Barbarian warrior in a cage, surrounded by hordes of Ice Clan Khazra. Liberating the warrior will spawn even more Khazra Brutes, so killing as many enemies as possible before touching the cage is advised.

The Barbarian will join the Nephalem, and tell that there are two more cages in the area, not far from the first.

In the third cage, one will find Skular himself, and Shogg, the slave overseer, will appear. Killing him ends the event.

Skular will remain with the Nephalem until the end of battle for the city. He will also tell that his squad came to fight the Unclean, but after the attack, while they were tending to the wounded, goatmen ambushed them and captured them as slaves.


  • This event and the The Return of Abd al-Hazir event have a possibility of showing up in the same game. If taken together, both Abd al-Hazir and Skular will change their dialogue lines and converse with each other at certian points, with Skular hushing Abd al-Hazir when the party approches Kanai's throne, and threatening him for not respecting the Barbarians' beliefs.

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