For the Diablo III monster, see Pandemonium Leaper.
For the angel enemy, see Leaper Angel.

Leapers are pesky creatures that largely inhabit Sanctuary's desert regions. Although other species are known to exist, the desert leapers are the most common. Leapers get their name from their tremendous leaping ability. As a result, these extremely agile creatures make for difficult targets. Leapers are versatile animals and the desert variety has an extremely slow resting metabolism to minimize water use and storage. The harsh environment of Aranoch, however, leaves little room for mistakes, and these creatures never pass up the opportunity to eat or drink. Packs sighting a potential meal leave their resting spots and work together to bring down their quarry with great tenacity.[1]


Leapers use an attack similar to the Barbarian's Leap Attack. Sometimes it can be time-consuming to take out Leapers because they get knocked back when they are struck. Players can use Cold attacks to freeze Leapers in place while they attack them. Area effect spells can also help against Leapers.

Leapers have a chance to deal Poison damage in Nightmare and Hell Difficulty.

In Hell difficulty, Sand Leapers and Tomb Creepers are immune to Fire, Cave Leapers to Cold, and Tree Lurkers and Cliff Lurkers to Lightning.

When using a Necromancer, these creatures cannot be Revived.



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