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Level 16 is the last level of the labyrinth in the game, and the place you will encounter Diablo (in game, he is known as The Dark Lord). To get to this level, you must obtain the Staff of Lazarus and then talk to Cain, who will make a red town portal leading you to the Archbishop Lazarus (the portal is near the pentagram, level 15). This will teleport you to Archbishop Lazarus's Lair, once there, kill them all and go back to the first room of the Lair, click the gate and Lazarus will appear with a few demons.

Once you kill Lazarus, you have to go back to Level 15 and click on the pentagram which should be flashing red. Click the center and you will get to Level 16. Once you are in Level 16, you have to go and click on four different Skull Levers. Each lever opens a chamber containing another lever until you get to the final two levers, and you finally get to Diablo. This is not easy, so be prepared.


The following minions of Hell, as well as their leader and his right hand warrior, will be encountered here on this level:

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