The Lezanti are demonic servants of Kabraxis. He used them to hunt for Taramis Volken and his warriors (including Darrick Lang).

The Lezanti were created by the blending of a human female's corpse, a freshly slain wolf, and a lizard, creating a fast and ferocious chimera that possessed super-animal cunning, a partially upright physique, and an ability to take a lot of damage and grow limb replacements after amputation. Physically, they are hunchbacked and broad-shouldered, standing on two clawed feet. Their legs are bent backwards akin to the rear legs of a horse. Their lizard skin shifts colors rapidly, allowing them to blend into their surroundings with astonishing ease. Tufts of fur spread over their shoulders, crowning their heads around their small triangular ears, and cover their flanks where a hairless lizard’s tail flicked and twisted. Their jaws are filled with large fangs.[1]


  1. The Black Road

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