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In the novel The Black Road by Mel Odom, Lhex was the nephew of the king of Westmarch, being one of five sons of the king's brother. Lhex was sent to Lut Gholein by his father in order to study from the priesthood. However, after several years, Lhex was captured by the pirate captain Aribar Raithen and held for ransom in the forgotten port-city of Tauruk's Port. Lhex was ultimately freed by Darrick Lang and his rescue party.

He displays a somewhat ignorant attitude towards the realities of life and insists that his beliefs alone are right, mimicking the arrogant behavior of his Zakarum superiors.

He is also partially responsible for the death of Mat Hu-Ring, since he specifically ordered Darrick Lang and Mat Hu-Ring to search the cave for any signs of demon. An event that he insists was entirely Kabraxis's fault, indicating that he knows little of humility.

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