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Library of Fate

A Barbarian in the Library of Fate

The Library of Fate is one of the prime locations in the High Heavens and domain of Itherael, Archangel of Fate. It houses a vast number of gems that are reputed to be shards of the Crystal Arch. It is through these gems that Talus'ar's writing is able to change, based on the information that Itherael seeks. Within the library, angel ascetics peer into the crystals, recording the visions they behold for Itherael to interpret. Some records suggest that these crystals provide multiple visions of multiple futures, for when Anu (from which the Crystal Arch comes) was blasted apart, his state of all-knowing was fragmented as well.[1]

Library of Fate

During Diablo's invasion of Heaven, the demon Rakanoth held Auriel here. However, she was rescued by the Nephalem.[2]


The Library of Fate appears as an Act IV zone in Diablo III. During "The Light of Hope" quest, the player is sent here to rescue Auriel from Rakanoth.


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