A Lich (left) and its big brother Arch Lich.

The Lich is an undead monster that looks like a mixture between a Skeleton head and the hovering body of a Mage.

It appears in Crypt level 1 and 2 and attacks the characters encountered by casting a spell unavailable to the human player, but resembling the spell Firebolt. As they usually appear in groups, it is strongly advised to come along with high Fire resistance as well as ranged weaponry like spells or arrows. Melee fighters will soon find the Liches getting on their nerves as they are difficult to hunt down, evading in different directions and opening fire again. The best tactic is to reduce them to ashes using Fireball, although they can be destroyed by Holy Bolt too. If it can be cornered it is easily killed due to its very low hitpoints. Ranged fighters may try to hide behind a corner, waiting for a Lich to get out in the open and expose themselves, while being shielded from other Liches' barrage, therefore killing them one at a time.

Stats Edit

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