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For the circle of light around player characters, see Light Radius.
For the in-game suffix, see Light (magic suffix).

"You must quiet both mind and body in order to feel the Light. Only then shall it unleash your hidden strength."

Cleric Akkhan(src)
Paladin Prayer

A paladin bathed in light

The Light is a type of force that can be called upon by individuals aligned with it, most notably angels. It is the opposite of Darkness.



A Crusader in prayer

It is said that the concept of the Light was introduced to Sanctuary by the archangel Yaerius, who came to the ascetic Akarat. The teachings the angel imparted stressed the necessity of resisting all things evil, and embracing, with total devotion, the Light. The angel appointed Akarat to be the prophet of these new teachings, and bade him take the word to the people of all lands.[1] Akarat's teachings of Zakara, or "inner light," eventually gave rise to the Zakarum faith.[2] Thus, worship of the Light became the dominant religion on Sanctuary, with few corners of the world untouched by its influence.[3] The most basic tenet of Zakarum states that the Light exists in all mortals.[4]

Anajinn and her successors took a burden of seeking the Light, and believe that it can be found in anyone.[5]


Various mortals are capable of using the Light. Individuals associated with its usage include Paladins,[6] Crusaders,[7] and Templars.[8] Akarat believed (or claimed) that the Ancients embraced the Light wholeheartedly.[9] Some individuals are born with a natural affinity towards the Light.[4]

Light can be stored in physical objects.[10]



The Light is mentioned by various NPCs during Diablo:


"There are many artifacts within the Labyrinth that hold powers beyond the comprehension of mortals. Some of these hold fantastic power that can be used by either the Light or the Darkness. Securing the Anvil from below could shift the course of the Sin War towards the Light."

Deckard Cain

"I see that this strange behavior puzzles you as well. I would surmise that since many Demons fear the Light of the Sun and believe that it holds great power, it may be that the Rising Sun depicted on the sign you speak of has led them to believe that it too holds some arcane powers. Hmm, perhaps they are not all as smart as we had feared..."
"Ahh, the story of our King, is it? The tragic fall of Leoric was a harsh blow to this land. The people always loved the King, and now they live in mortal fear of him. The question that I keep asking myself is how he could have fallen so far from the Light, as Leoric had always been the holiest of men. Only the vilest powers of Hell could so utterly destroy a man from within..."

Tremain the Priest

So, Lazarus has paid the price for his betrayal and justice is served. For your services this day, I bestow this mace unto you. Its name is Lightforge, and it is the holiest of our order's artifacts. As I am the last of this order, I entrust it to you. May the Light guide you.


"I can hardly believe it! This is the Anvil of Fury - Good work, my friend. Now we'll show those bastards that there are no weapons in Hell more deadly than those made by men! Take this and may Light protect you."


"By the Light, I know of this vile Demon. There were many that bore the scars of his wrath upon their bodies when the few survivors of the charge led by Lazarus crawled from the Cathedral. I don't know what he used to slice open his victims, but it could not have been of this world. It left wounds festering with disease and even I found them almost impossible to treat. Beware if you plan to battle this fiend..."

Lachdanan (upon completion of quest)

"You have saved my soul from Damnation, and for that I am in your debt. If there is ever a way that I can repay you from beyond the grave I will find it, but for now - take my Helm. On the journey I am about to take, I will have little use for it. May it protect you against the dark powers below. Go with the Light, my friend..."

Arkaine's Valor (quest) (upon reading from book to begin quest)

"Beyond the gateway of blood and past the hall of fire ... Valor awaits for the Hero of Light to awaken!"


"Oh, my! Is that where the sign went? My grandmother and I must have slept right through the whole thing. Thank the Light that those monsters didn't attack the Inn."
"If you are to battle such a fierce opponent, may Light be your guide and your defender. I will keep you in my thoughts."


"The curse of our King has passed, but I fear that it was only part of a greater Evil at work. However, we may yet be saved from the Darkness that consumes our land, for your victory is a good omen. May Light guide you on your way, Good Master."

Diablo IIEdit

The Light is likewise mentioned in Diablo II. The Paladin class of the game is associated with the Light, and his abilities are reflected as such.

Quotations (Paladin)Edit

Act IEdit

(upon entering the Monastery Gate):

"Even the Light cannot pierce this gloom."
Act IIEdit

(upon entering the Claw Viper Temple):

"Light guide my way in this accursed place."

(upon shattering the Tainted Sun Altar):

"The Light can never be extinguished by evil."
Act IIIEdit

(upon defeating the High Council of Zakarum):

"The temple shall shine anew with the Light."

Quotations (Other)Edit


Mephisto's defeat is a great victory for the Light. I knew that you would eventually find your way here. The Pandemonium Fortress is the last bastion of Heaven's power before the Gates of the Burning Hells.
This place has been hallowed by the blood of thousands of champions of the Light, many of whom were mortal, like yourself. Now the final battle against the Prime Evils draws near... and you must face it alone.
May the Light protect you and the powers of Heaven shine upon your path...
Thank you, hero, for putting Izual's tortured spirit to rest. May the Light protect you and the powers of Heaven shine upon your path.
Praise be to the Light! You have accomplished the impossible!


"It would be an honor to have a warrior of the Light, fighting side by side with my men. I can see your faith gives you great strength, Paladin, but don't expect to keep you out of harm's way."


This is terrible news! Baal is in possession of one of mankind's most powerful mages, and the Lord of Terror guides his path. They must be stopped, for I am sure they mean to free their elder brother Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who lies imprisoned under the corrupted city of Kurast. I fear you are walking into a great evil, but your faith can save you. May you walk in the Light always."


"It seems the jungle is already dying back. You've broken the curse, my friend! May the Light bless you!"

Deckard Cain

"Masterfully done, hero! You have crafted Khalim's Will. Employ it to destroy the Compelling Orb and open the way to Mephisto. May the true Light guide your way."
"You've become a hero to this town, my friend. The shadows have lifted ever since you brought the Light to Harrogath."

Combat SkillsEdit

Combat Skills of the Paladin that make use of the Light include:

Sacrifice (Diablo II)

At what price glory? By sanctifying his weapon with some of his own blood, a Paladin of Zakarum is able to increase his efficiency in combat by forfeiting a portion of his own physical essence. This sacrifice is a symbol of faith that even the lowliest Paladin must submit before the Light, in order that he may prove himself worthy of victory.

Holy Bolt

The Paladin can learn to summon bolts formed of pure, righteous energies. These projectiles are vessels of life, bane to the undead, and succor to the faithful. At the battle of Taelohn Bridge, the villagers feared the day was lost when an army of the walking dead besieged them. Just as the battered militia was about to be overwhelmed, a small band of Paladins appeared. Wading through the rotting carcasses of the living dead and hurling spheres of pure Light that expelled the evil controlling the battling corpses while renewing the strength of the remaining villagers.

Blessed Hammer

The Visions of Akarat tell of a hopeless battle. Legions of the undead had laid siege to a small convent of nuns who were the keepers of a sacred relic, the Hammer of Ghrab Thaar. Suspended over a fiery chasm within the convent, the sisters knew the Hammer to be a powerful vessel of the Light and vowed never to allow it to fall into the hands of evil. With no weapons of their own, and no one to defend them, the nuns sacrificed themselves to destroy the hammer. Rather than let the undead despoil the church and the relic, they took the hammer and plunged themselves into the fiery chasm. At that moment, a powerful force of Light washed over the undead legion, striking them down where they stood. Since that time a well-trained Paladin is able to tap the remnants of this released energy, whirling a magical hammer to strike down his adversaries, especially the forces of the walking dead.


Through force of will and strength of steel, a noble Paladin with this skill is able to blind his enemies with the glory of the Light. After trading blows with the Paladin and facing the fire of righteousness burning in his eyes, an enemy will sometimes be struck with a divine epiphany and momentarily repent his past undertakings. So complete is the transformation, that the converted will turn to slay its former comrades.

Resist Fire

Shrouding himself in his devotions, the fervent servant of the Light can walk a lake of fire and feel only the comforting warmth of his convictions. A Paladin can withstand the might of a fierce conflagration if his piety is strong enough.

Resist Lightning

Even the elements of nature must yield before the glory of the Light. When a knight of Zakarum has manifested this aura, he and his allies undergo a lessening of their body's natural conductivity, protecting them from attacks empowered by electricity.


Chaste is the Paladin in the face of all temptations. Pure in body and spirit, he trusts to the splendor of the Light to rid him of all impurities. A Knight of the Faith shall neither be tainted, nor corrupted.


With the observance of this aura, the Paladin supplicates himself to the Light with silent utterances of prayers. It is in these times of silent worship that the Paladin is rejuvenated in spirit.


A Paladin must be true to his duty and belief that all souls are worthy of attempted salvation. With this aura, the Paladin shares the glory of the Light with his vanquished enemies. With each administration of these final rites, the Paladin is redeemed physically as well as spiritually.


Trust in the glory of the Light, for its authority supersedes all power in the mortal world. With this aura, the Paladin calls upon the Light to protect his allies from elemental attacks.


An eye for an eye is sometimes not enough. Those who would strike the emissaries of the Light had best take warning, for retribution shall be swift and certain. The might of your blows shall be felt a hundred fold unto you!

Blessed Aim

The spirits of the Light are ever vigilant, and in times of great need, have been know to aid their loyal disciples in subtle ways. When this aura is enabled, these spirits work to guide the hand of the Paladin and his companions, striking true where blows would normally miss.

Holy Shock

A Paladin blessed with the power of this aura calls upon the power of the Light to strike forth at all enemies surrounding him. Divine bolts spring from the earth to smite the Paladin's enemies.

Sanctuary (skill)

This aura causes the Paladin to shine with an inner, holy light. This light is an anathema to the undead, summoned as they are through the machinations of the Prime Evils. The aura carries with it the essence of life and the strength and purity of the Paladin's convictions.

Diablo II: Lord of DestructionEdit


Baal! The gates of Sescheron have stood for eons beyond remembrance, and you shall not breach them now. Remove your foul demons from our lands. We stand on the side of Light! You shall not be allowed to reach Mount Arreat, and that which you seek will not be yours...


Praise be to the Light! You have accomplished the impossible!
May the Eternal Light shine upon you and your descendants for what you've done this day. The continued survival of mankind is your legacy! Above all else, you have earned a rest from this endless battle.

Paladin: (upon entering Nihlathak's Temple):

"By the Light, what is this place?"

(upon entering the Worldstone Chamber):

"The Worldstone... praise the Light."

Anya (upon defeating Baal)

"You've done the impossible hero. Your defeat of the last of the three Prime Evils is a great victory for the Light. Strange that you said that The Worldstone must be destroyed.
The prophecy said nothing about that, perhaps only what we've fought for will be lost,
or perhaps we will never need fight again.


"You've ventured to a place beyond legend, you rush to face an evil few can even imagine. Be careful, my friend, and may the light watch over you."
"The destruction of the Worldstone does not bode well for our world. But I'll try not to worry… After all, we have warriors like you fighting for us and for the Light. Farewell!"

Deckard Cain

"So...the Worldstone was corrupted by Baal. And now Tyrael must destroy it. Worry not. Through whatever lies ahead I have faith that the Light will guide us both.

Diablo IIIEdit

The Light is used by Crusaders to fight evil[11]. Kormac also states that the Light is both literal and figurative enemy of all evil, and is surprised that a truly powerful evil can withstand the Light[12].


The Veiled ProphetEdit

That Inarius could call himself a warrior of the Light, a champion of Good, was a jest that Uldyssian found too cruel.

How can you so casually condemn us? You claim to be servants of the Light, yet you callously execute what you deem not worthy! (From Mendeln)



(From Tyrael):

Tyrael smiled. "Your trust does you credit, but be careful with whom you place it. I am safe, a traveler sworn to the light. But there are others who are sworn to darkness, and they do not reveal themselves unless they are forced to."

You will not find your rest through revenge, however hard you try. Vengeance is an act of hatred, and hatred never brings peace. No, if you are to discover some peace, you must do it through an act of love. I think you will find it, though it may take you centuries....Do not worry. You have all the time in the world. May the Light go with you, my friend.

The Black Road / Diablo IEdit

(From Cholik)

By the Light, where has the time gone? Where has my strength gone?

Forcing himself to take a breath, Cholik concentrated on his center. His hands shook and ached as if he'd broken every one of his fingers. The power that he was able to channel was becoming too much for his body. How is it that the Light can make man, then permit him to wield powerful auguries, only to strip him of the mortal flesh that binds him to this world? It was that question that had begun turning him from the teachings of the Zakarum Church almost twenty years ago. Since that time, he had turned his pursuits to demons. They, at least, gave immortality of a sort with the power they offered. The struggle was to stay alive after receiving it.

Although he had expected to feel proud and exuberant about his discovery, Cholik had forgotten about the fear that now filled him. Quavers, like the tremor of an earthquake hidden deep within a land, ran through his body. He wanted to shriek and call on Archangel Yaerius, who first brought the tenets of Zakarum to men. But he did not. Cholik knew he had long passed the line of forgiveness that would be offered by any who followed the ways of Light.

"Contemplation and meditation," Cholik said, "are the two key abilities for any priest to possess in order that he may understand the great mysteries left to us by the Light. You would do well to remember that, Altharin."

The wind strengthened in intensity, picking up powdery-fine particles that stung flesh when they hit. Prayers echoedwithin the cavern, all of them to the holy Light, not demons. It was almost enough to make Cholik smile, except that a small part of him was just as afraid as they were.

Cholik knew what real power was. It was the reason he'd come there to Tauruk's Port to find long-buried Ransim, which had died during the Sin War that had lasted centuries as Chaos had quietly but violently warred with the Light. That war had been long ago and played out in the east, before Westmarch had become civilized or powerful. Many cities and towns had been buried during those times. Most of them, though, had been shorn of their valuables. But Ransim had been hidden from the bulk of the Sin War. Even though the general populace knew nothing of the Sin War except that battles were fought-though not because the demons and the Light warred - they'd known nothing of Ransim. The port city had been an enigma, something that shouldn't have existed. But some of the eastern mages had chosen that place to work and hide in, and they'd left secrets behind. Dumal Lunnash's texts had been the only source Cholik had found regarding Ransim's whereabouts, and even that book had led only to an arduous task of gathering information about the location that was hidden in carefully constructed lies and half-truths.

Cholik faced the audience, his eyes meeting theirs. "I bring you power," he said. "A path that will carry you to the dreams you've always had but were denied by misfortune and outdated dogma." An undercurrent of conversation started around the clearing. Several voices rose in anger. The populace of Bramwell clung to their belief in Zakarum. "There is another way to the Light," Cholik said. "That path lies along the Way of Dreams. Dien-Ap-Sten, Prophet of the Light, created this path for his children, so that they might have their needs met and their secret wishes answered." "I've never heard of yer prophet," a crusty old fisherman in the front shouted back. "An' ain't none of us come here to hear the way of the Light maligned." "I will not malign the way of the Light," Cholik responded. "I came here to show you a clearer way into the beneficence of the Light."

(From Maldrin)

"Ach, an' ye're a proper pain in the arse, Darrick Lang. Before all that's of the Light and holy, I'd swear to that. But if'n there's a man aboard Cap'n Tollifer's ship that can pull this off, I figure it's gotta be you.

"Prolly got it filled with women and wine," the first mate went on. "By the Light, lad, I know we're here for the king's nephew an' all, but I don't like the idea of leavin' them women here. Prolly got 'em all from the ships they looted and scuppered. Wasn't no way to get a proper body count on them what got killed, on account of the sharks."

"A fight," Maldrin said, folding his big arms over his broad, thick chest. "No. I've never seen ye back down from action we took together. But ye got to learn when to cut yer losses. The things them men say in them places ye hang out, why, that ain't nothin' to be a-fightin' over. Ye know as well as I that a sailin' man picks his battles. But ye-by the blessed Light, skipper-ye're just fightin' to be fightin'."

"The Light must be favorin' ye is all that I can tell,"Maldrin said, "for they ain't nobody what's been killed yet. An' ye're still alive to tell of it yer own self."

However, necromancers from the cult of Rathma in the eastern jungles fought for the balance between the Light and the Burning Hells. They were warriors pure of heart even though most feared and hated them.

"I'll kill you," the woman said in a hoarse voice. "I swear by the Light and all that's holy that if you do not kill me, I will find a way to kill you."

(From Raithen)

Raithen peered into the mirror, surveying the wound on his neck, poking at the edges of it with his fingers. Thank the Light, it wasn't bleeding any more than it had been, and it even appeared to be stopping.

(From Darrick):

Scrambling, holding tight to the edge of the cliff, Darrick pressed his boots against the stone and tried in vain to find suitable purchase to allow him to push himself up. He gave thanks to the Light that the pirates were almost as challenged by the terrain as he was. His boot soles scraped and slid as he tried to pull himself up.

Darrick kicked at the undead thing as the river current caught them more securely in its grasp. The cliffsides holdingthe river on course swept by at greater speed and Mat's weight combined with the weight of the skeleton was enough to keep Darrick under most of the time. He only came up behind Mat's back for a quick gulp or two of air, then submerged again to keep up the fight to keep Mat's head out of the water. By the Light, please give me the strength to do this!

He wanted nothing more than to die, but he couldn't do that-he wouldn't do that-because it would mean that his father would win even after all these years. He walled himself off from his pain and loss, and he turned away from the sea, following the street back into Westmarch. He had no money. The possibility of missing meals didn't bother him, but he knew he'd want to drink again that night. By the Light, he wanted to drink right now.

(From Lhex):

"Afraid?" the boy squealed. "I'm afraid I'm going to die of boredom. You've had me for five days now. Three of them spent here in this ship. When I get back to my da and he speaks with his brother, the king, why, I'll come back here and help wallop you myself." He clenched his fists and beat the deck. "Let me up, and give me a sword. I'll fight you. By the Light, I'll give you the fight of your life."

"I've been priest-trained for the Zakarum Church and guided my whole life by the Light. In two more years, I'll test for becoming a full priest."

(From Mat)

"For what?" Mat gave him a disbelieving look. He made the sign of the Light in the air before him unconsciously, like the child he'd been when they'd attended church in Hillsfar.

(From Captain Tollifer)

"Then may I suggest that when we reach port in Westmarch the day after tomorrow, the Light willing, you report to a doctor of such things and find out."

(From Kabraxis)

It shouldn't. To know the Darkness, a being must also know the Light. You lived your life cloistered in Westmarch. The only people you met were those who wanted your position.
Or those whose positions I coveted, Cholik realized.
And the Zakarum Church never allowed you to be so personal in the healing properties they doled out, the demon said.
The Light is afraid to give many people powers like I have given you, Kabraxis said. People who have powers like this get noticed by regular people. In short order, they become heroes or talked-about people. In only a little more time, the tales that are told about them allow them to take on lofty mantles. The stewards of the Light are jealous of that.
"But demons aren't?" Cholik asked.
Kabraxis laughed, and the grating, thunderous noise echoing inside Cholik's head was almost painful. Demons aren't as jealous as the stewards of Light would have you believe. Nor are they as controlling as the stewards of Light. I ask you, who always has the most rules? The most limitations?
Cholik didn't answer.
Why do you think the stewards of Light offer so many rules? Kabraxis asked. To keep the balance in their favor, of course. But demons, we believe in letting all who support the Darkness have power. Some have more power than others. But they earn it. Just as you have earned that which I'm giving you the day you faced your own fear of dying and sought out the buried gateway to me.
"I had no choice," Cholik said.
Humans always have choices. That's how the stewards of Light seek to confuse you. You have choices, but you can't choose most of them because the stewards of Light have decreed them as wrong. As an enlightened student of the Light, you're supposed to know that those choices are wrong. So where does that really leave you? How many choices do you really have?

The clientele was mostly fishermen, hard-faced men with callused hands and scars from nets, hooks, fish, the weather, and years of disappointment that ran bone-deep. They talked of tomorrows that sounded much better than the morning would bring, and what they would do if someday they escaped the need to climb aboard a boat every day and pray the Light was generous.

To his right, the gambler who had hired Darrick for an evening's protection after they had come in on the trade caravan together praised the Light for yet another good turn. He was an older man, thin and white-haired. During an attack by bandits only yesterday, Darrick had learned that the man could handle himself and carried a number of small knives secreted on his person. At the next table, the gambler had another bit of good fortune, praising the Light while the other men grumbled.

The man's face was filled with fear. "Help me, Darrick. Please. For the Light's sake, I can't stop the bleeding."

"By the merciful Light," the bouncer swore. "Did you see who did it?" Darrick shook his head. Even if he saw the men responsible for the gambler's murder, he doubted that he could identify them.

The Zakarum Church taught that man was of two minds as well, constantly fighting an inner war between the Light and the Darkness.

The burned man grinned as he watched the stone snake. Blood wept from his upper lip and threaded through his white teeth and over the blistered flesh of his pink lips. "Because they are impressionable and because they can believe more than an adult, girl. Show an adult a miracle, and he or she will reach for logical conclusions for why it happened. But the heart of a child… by the Light, you can win the heart of a child forever."

Taking down his hand, the burned man gazed at it as if surprised. "By the Light," he whispered.

He silently damned the Zakarum Church and the Light he'd grown to love and fear as a child. Wherever they were, he was certain that they were laughing at him now. Here he was, his youth returned to him, stricken down by an unknown assassin. He damned the Light for abandoning him to old age when it could have killed him young before fear of getting infirm and senile had settled in, and he damned it for letting him be weak enough to allow his fear to force him to seek a bargain with Kabraxis. The Light had driven him into the demon's arms, and he'd been betrayed again.

"If you've seen that symbol as Sahyir seems inclined to believe that you have," the sage said, "it's probably marked you." He gestured to the book before him. "The Light knows that the pursuit of knowledge about it has marked me. Much to my own detriment, according to some of my mentors and peers."

"The war was primarily between Mephisto and Inarius," Taramis said. "Only a sage or someone who has had priest training would know of Kabraxis's part in the Sin War. The Banisher of Light is a conniving demon. Kabraxis works in the shadows, stretching their boundaries till they cover the Light. Most men who have worshipped him over all those years have never known his true name."

"Of course he does," Taramis said. "He's a demon, after all. Even archangels want those who worship them to fear them just a little bit. Otherwise, why would they choose such fearsome forms and act the way they do?"
Darrick considered the question and supposed it was true. Still, all this talk of demons was foreign to him, something he didn't even want to invest in. Yet he felt he had no choice.
"Archangels for the Light threaten man with being tortured by demons for the rest of his eternal life, and theypromise dire vengeance for any who worship and aid the demons." Taramis shook his head. "Archangels are warriors, just as demons are."
"But they have a more generous view of how man is supposed to fit into this world with them."
"That," the sage said, "depends on your belief, doesn't it?"
Darrick sat quietly.
"There are some who believe this world should be cleansed of demons and angels, that there should be no Light or Darkness, and men should find their own way in life."
"What do you believe?" Darrick asked.
"I believe in the Light," Taramis replied. "That's why I hunt demons and expose them for what they are. I've killed eight lesser demons in the last twenty years. Not all of them are the likes of the Prime Evils."

"I was young then and full of my studies as a Vizjerei mage. I taught in one of the outlying schools in my homelands. A stranger came to our door. We lived in back of the school, just my family and I. This man told us that he had no place to sleep and had eaten nothing for two days. Fool that I was and full of my new position, I let him in. During the night, he killed my family. Only I lived, though most thought I would not." He pulled back the sleeves of his shirt, revealing the long, wicked scars across his flesh. "I have more scars over the rest of my body." He tilted his head back, revealing the thick scar that curved around half of his neck and across his throat. "The priests who saved me had to piece me back together. All of the healers told me later that I should have died. The Light knows I wanted to."

"The Light has guided you here, Darrick," the sage said in his quiet voice. "It has guided you here to this place and at this time, and made it possible for us to meet, because you have a stake in this. Because you can make a difference. My question is whether you're ready to take up the battle that awaits you."

"Live or die," Kabraxis offered calmly. "The choice is yours." Lord Darkulan hesitated only a moment. "Live. May the Light forgive me, I want to live."

"May the Light bless you," the old man said, holding the pitchfork in both hands. A little fear showed in his eyes, but the confident manner in which he wielded the pitchfork told Darrick that the old man was prepared for trouble. "And may the Light bless you," Taramis said, reining his horse in at a respectful distance from the old man. "My name is Taramis Volken, and if I got your directions right, you'd be Ellig Barrows." "You're no demon," Ellig Barrows said. "No," Taramis agreed. "May the Light blind them and bind them and burn them forever." He spat.

"Stormfury," Kabraxis replied.
"The mystic sword that turned the barbarian horde hundreds of years ago?" Cholik asked. His nimble mind searched for the reasons Kabraxis would be interested in the sword and why he would think that the demon hunter would turn his sights on them.
"The same." A grimace twisted the demon's hideous face.
Cholik thought then that Kabraxis was afraid of the sword and what it might do, but he also knew he dared not mention that. Desperately, he tried to eradicate the errant thought from his mind before the demon sensed it.
"The sword can be a problem," Kabraxis said, "but I have minions that are even now closing in on TaramisVolken and his band. They won't escape, and if the sword is there, my minions will retrieve it."
Cholik thought and worked to couch his words carefully. "How is the sword a problem?"
"It is a powerful weapon," Kabraxis said. "A blacksmith imbued with the power of the Light forged the sword hundreds of years ago to use against the barbarian horde and the dark force they worshipped."

"I am concerned because of the magic that was used to open the gateway," Kabraxis said. "When demons come from the Burning Hells, so, too, come the seeds of their potential downfall. It is a balance that is kept between the Light and the Darkness. But by the same hand, no champion of the Light may burst forth without a weakness that can be exploited. It's up to the champion which propensity - strength or weakness - wins out. And it is up to the demon whether he stands against the power that would banish him from this plane again."

"One slew members of my family," Ellig Barrows said. "He and all his warriors died less than a day later. The Light is not evil as the demons are, but it is vengeful against those who transgress against it. Another tried to drag Hauklin's body from its resting place. He rose that time and slew them all."

"Because the Light and the Darkness balance each other," Taramis said. "Any time power is passed into this world from the Light or the Darkness, a balance must be made. Demons come into this world, and a means of defeating them is also created. If the Light tries to upset the balance by introducing an object of power that can be used against the Darkness, the powers of Darkness intercede to make the balance whole again. Ultimately, the true threat to the balance, whether the Light or the Darkness has the greater power in our world, is left up to us. The people. Just as when the Prime Evils appeared in this world during the time that came to be known as the Dark Exile, the Angel Tyreal gathered the magi, warriors, and scholars in the East and formed the Brotherhood of the Horadrim. Those people would never have come together with such power if the demons had not been loosed in our world. If Tyreal had tried to do this before the Prime Evils had arrived here, Darkness would have found a means to strike a balance."

"You must be," Taramis said. "I can think of no other. Your friend died in that place. There has to be a reason you were spared. It's the balance, Darrick. The needs of the Light must always be balanced against the power of the Darkness."

"By the Light," the old man whispered. "He has taken the sword."

"Lezanti," Taramis breathed. "By the Light, Kabraxis has found us out."

"By the Light," Ellig Barrows said, "you were the one destined for Hauklin's sword."

But before he could stop himself, Cholik wondered if they were somehow in Taramis Volken's grasp instead. All his training in the Zakarum Church had taught him that demons didn't enter the human world without affecting the balance between Light and Darkness. Taramis Volken had proven himself to be the champion of Light on several occasions.

For a moment, ice-cold terror thudded through Darrick's veins as he thought about being covered over in a mass of furry bodies and dragged under the water. The other warriors cursed and called out to the Light as they spread out and took up defensive positions.

Use the sword, Darrick, Mat insisted. It can save all of ye.
"What can I do?" Darrick asked.
Believe, Mat answered.
Struggling, Darrick tried to find the key to make the magic work. It would be better if there were a magic word or something else. All he could remember was how the sword had acted and felt at Ellig Barrows's house, and how the sword had behaved when it lit the riverbank to reveal the tunnel they'd clambered through only moments before. It wasn't belief, Darrick knew, but it was something he knew to be true.
The sword shivered and glowed blue again. Calm warmth filled the tunnel and soaked into Darrick's flesh and bones as a humming sound filled the air. In stunned amazement, he watched as the blood stopped slipping between Palat's fingers.
Hesitantly, Palat removed his hand from Clavyn's neck, revealing the jagged wound that had severed the warrior's jugular. As they watched, the flesh knitted, turning back into seamless flesh with only a small scar left behind.
The humming and the warmth continued, and Darrick watched as even the wounds he'd endured healed, including the rip along his ribcage made by the arrow earlier. In less than a minute, the warriors were all healed.
"Blessed by the Light," Rhambal said, a childlike grin on his broad face. "We've been blessed by the Light."

You're a blight on me, boy, his father's voice thundered inside his head. An embarrassment to me. By the Light, I hate the sight of your ugly face. It ain't no face that ever belonged to me. And that red hair of yours, you'll never find it in my family. Nor in your ma's, I'll warrant.

"Whenever he's around, aye. He prattles on constantly. I just thank the Light that I've only listened to him these past few weeks." Raithen's gaze dropped to the sword in Darrick's hand. "He told me you'd come bearing Hauklin's mighty blade. Is that it?"

"Sometimes," Darrick admitted. "But the Light only knows what trouble that would bring if I did find out. I've had trouble enough."

"By the Light," Taramis whispered.

"Believe in the Light," Taramis said. "The Light always shows you the way even in the darkest times."

For a frozen moment, Darrick remained on the boardwalk. What if the little girl's accident was no accident? What if it was a temptation arranged by Kabraxis to use the healing power again? What if someone in the crowd, a traveling Vizjerei or another wizard, recognized that Darrick's power wasn't given by the Light but from a demon spawn from the Burning Hells?

The mother rose to his defense, holding her child to her. "Don't you men dare touch him. He brought my little Jenna back to me. If he is the one who killed the Wayfinder, then he had to have done it for good cause, says I. This man is a miracle worker, a chosen one of the Light."

"But the power I have," Darrick said, "it isn't from the Light." "No," Taramis agreed. "Listen to me, though. How do you know that in this moment the Light hasn't had a design in placing you exactly in the position you find yourself in now?"

"Life is about balance," Taramis said. "Balance between the Light and the Dark. I would not be able to champion the will of the Light so strongly, so willingly, had I not been exposed to the Darkness that waits to devour us in the Burning Hells. Just as steel must be tempered, Darrick, so must a man. You've come a long way. Your present is balanced between your past and the dreams you might have. You stand between the Light and the Dark as Kabraxis's gateway, but it is your choice to remain open or closed. Your choice to hide the power or to use it. You can fear it or embrace it. Either way, it has already changed your life forever."

Legacy of Blood / Diablo IIEdit

If holy ground or Heaven had any power over the demonic legacy of Bartuc, then this cathedral offered the best hope. The Zakarum Church represented the most powerful order on either side of the Twin Seas.

  • There are no explicit references to "the Light" in this novel, only to the Zakarum, to Angels/Archangels, and to Heaven.

The Kingdom of Shadow / Diablo IIEdit

The archangel had opened the very gates of Heaven to the mortals of Ureh, opened to them a place where not even all three Prime Evils combined could have made the slightest incursion. All the people of Ureh had to do was find their way there.

But what if Tsin were right? What if the legend of the city had any grain of truth? Heaven had no need of gold. Perhaps, as the sorcerer had claimed, it had all been left behind, there for the taking.

  • There are no explicit references to "the Light" in this novel, only to the Zakarum, to Angels/Archangels, and to Heaven.


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