This article is about the in-game suffix. If you were looking for the article about the primal Light of the High Heavens constantly referenced in both the games and novels, see Light.

Light is a suffix that can appear on Magic and Rare Items. It provides a small bonus to both Light Radius and Attack Rating.

It can start spawning on items at Item Level 1, but will not be able to spawn on all items with full effect until level 6.

The base Light Radius is 13. The Max Light Radius you can have is 18 so anything more than net +5 to Light Radius will not matter.


+1 to Light Radius, +15 To Attack Rating

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Amulets, Body Armor, Rings, Scepters, Staves, Wands

+ Light Radius — LightRadianceSun

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