For the legally obtainable mace, see Lightforge (Mace).

The Lightforge Helm is a hacked item and will never appear in Diablo I or Hellfire.

The item graphic is present on the game CD, but it is unused and its name and the stats are partially derived from a Mace of the same name: Lightforge and partially invented. Despite popular belief, it is not a deactivated item or a secret item; it is not in the game at all, other than as a hacked item players created and duped widely.

There is no telling how this one got started, but it became quite common in the hacks-and-cheats-infested Diablo I, and many players with these would swear they were legitimate, and that Diablo (or some other powerful monster) dropped it. This is lie and entirely false in terms of gameplay.



Great Helm

  • Armor Class: 15
  • +150% Damage
  • +25% Chance To Hit
  • +40% Light Radius
  • 10-20 Fire Hit Damage
  • +8 to all Attributes
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: Indestructible
  • Quality level: N/A
  • Availability: Not available, Hacked item

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