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Lightning Spells is one of the Sorceress' three skill trees. It has a wide range of abilities from teleporting to frying your enemies into little crispy bits. All damage dealing skills in this tree are Lightning-based. This particular skill tree has the highest damage potential any of the Sorceress' spells, but it also has the most unstable damage as your lightning attacks can deal anywhere from 1 damage to hundreds of damage.


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Sorceress Skills
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Lightning Spells Charged BoltTelekinesisStatic FieldLightningNovaChain LightningTeleportThunder StormEnergy ShieldLightning Mastery
Cold Spells Ice BoltFrozen ArmorFrost NovaIce BlastShiver ArmorGlacial SpikeBlizzardChilling ArmorFrozen OrbCold Mastery

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