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Liquid Rainbow

The Liquid Rainbow is a miscellaneous crafting material in Diablo III, it is used to construct the Staff of Herding which is necessary to access Whimsyshire.

It has an Item Level of 1 and requires a character level of 1.

"The colors swirl and twist in hypnotic patterns."


Liquid rainbow

Top Left: Location of Cave Entrance (From Path of Oasis waypoint, Act II); Top Middle: The merchant in trouble, you must save him; Top Right: After saving the merchant, he will open the door; Bottom left: The mysterious chest, looks similar to Resplendent Chest; Bottom Middle: Map showing that the chest can be on first (or second) floor, and may even spawn near the entrance; Bottom Right: Liquid rainbow item from inventory

This item can be very difficult to obtain, as the procedure is fairly random. Here are the steps to locate the item:

  1. In Act II, travel to the "Path to the Oasis" waypoint. Make sure the game is set to the seventh (7th - Blood and Sand) or later quest.
  2. Head southeast until you find a small path leading to a watery clearing (see image in the top left).
  3. Look for Zaven the Alchemist, who must be saved from Deathly Haunts (he does not always spawn, in which case you must leave the game and "Resume Game" to remake). Spawn rate is estimated at 3-5% at each spawn point in Dahlgur Oasis.
  4. Talk to Zaven, and he will open the door to the Mysterious Cave. Explore the rather large, multi-leveled cave.
  5. Look for the Mysterious Chest - This is not the Resplendent Chest found at the end of the dungeon, both may coexist. The Mysterious Chest does not always spawn, just like the merchant. However, when it does, it usually spawns in the 1st level of the cave but it can spawn on the 2nd level so it's a good idea to check both levels until you find it. If you do not find the chest, you must leave the game and "Resume Game" to remake once again. Spawn rate is estimated at 20-50%.
  6. When you locate the chest, Liquid Rainbow will be found inside. All party members will have their own account-bound version of the item.

Note that Zaven also has a chance to spawn elsewhere in the "Dahlgur Oasis" but the potential spawn point listed above is always in the same place and hence is easier to farm.

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