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For Diablo II unique amulets, see List of Unique Amulets (Diablo II).

The following is a list of unique amulets from the original Diablo. Although there was originally only one unique quest amulet in Diablo, Diablo: Hellfire added several more.

Diablo I Unique AmuletsEdit

Item Item Name Magic Properties
D1-u-optic-amulet Optic Amulet

Hellfire Unique AmuletsEdit

Item Item Name Magic Properties
D1-auric-amulet Auric Amulet
  • Doubles Gold-carrying capacity
D1-u-acolytes-amulet Acolyte's Amulet
D1-u-amulet-warding Amulet of Warding
  • +40% Resist All
  • -100 Life
Diablo I Unique Amulets
Diablo I Unique Amulets — Optic Amulet
Hellfire Unique Amulets — Auric AmuletAcolyte's AmuletAmulet of Warding

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