For the list of unique rings from Diablo II, see List of Unique Rings (Diablo II).

The following is a list of unique rings from Diablo I. Diablo: Hellfire added more unique rings than those found in Diablo I.

Diablo I Unique RingsEdit

Item Item Name Properties Magic Properties
D1-u-ring-bramble Bramble
  • Quality Level: 1
D1-u-ring-regha Ring of Regha
  • Quality Level: 1
D1-u-ring-bleeder The Bleeder
  • Quality Level: 2
D1-u-empyrean-band Empyrean Band
  • Quality Level: N/A
D1-u-ring-truth Ring of Truth
  • Quality Level: N/A
D1-u-ring-engagement Ring of Engagement
  • Armor Class: 5
  • Quality Level: 11
  • -1 to -2 Damage from Enemies
  • Attacker takes 1-3 Damage
  • Damages target's Armor
D1-u-ring-constricting Constricting Ring
  • Quality Level: 5
  • +75% Resist All
  • You constantly lose Hit Points (1.25 Life/sec)

Hellfire Unique RingsEdit

Item Item Name Properties
D1-u-giants-knuckle Giant's Knuckle
D1-u-ring-thunder Ring of Thunder
D1-u-ring-magma Ring of Magma
D1-u-ring-mystics Ring of Mystics
D1-u-kariks-ring Karik's Ring
D1-u-xorines-ring Xorine's Ring
D1-u-gladiators-ring Gladiator's Ring
D1-u-mercurial-ring Mercurial Ring
Diablo I Unique Rings

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