Lizard's is a prefix for Magic Items and Rare Items, available both on Charms and other items. It is directed towards either physical fighters or spellcasters, as it gives a bonus to mana.



+1-5 to Mana

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Amulets, Orbs, Rings, Scepters, Wands, Staves, Armor (except Boots and Gloves)


+1-7 Mana (Small)
+2-12 Mana (Large)
+3-20 Mana (Grand)

Item Prefixes
+ Mana — Lizard'sSnake'sSerpent'sDrake'sDragon'sWyrm'sGreat Wyrm'sBahamut's
+ Mana per kill — TriumphantVictorious
Damage goes to Mana — Vulpine
+ Mana per level — Mnemonic
Jewel Prefixes
+ Mana — ZirconJacinthTurquoise
+ Mana per kill — Aureolic
Damage goes to Mana — Dun

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