Lord De Seis

Lord De Seis

Lord De Seis is a Super Unique Oblivion Knight found in Diablo's Chaos Sanctuary in Act IV of Diablo II. He can be accessed by activating the northern seal, accompanied by a group of Doom Knights. He and his minions cannot be revived by Necromancers.



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With the initial sale of Diablo II prior to patching, Lord De Seis's minions were Oblivion Knights. This made him and his minions an extremely deadly force to fight against if the player character was a melee fighter and/or the player's resistances were low, due to the knights' use of Iron Maiden and their magical attacks. Also in the initial version, De Seis also had a unique ability called "Thief". Each successful hit on the player would remove an equipped item from the player (changed to potions from the belt in a later patch) and drop it on the ground. Back when Oblivion Knights accompanied him and could use Iron Maiden, the sudden lack of items/potions available was incredibly devastating and deadly.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Lord De Seis is possibly named after the game's Lead Programmer, Richard Seis.
  • "Lord De Seis" translates as "Lord Of Six" in Spanish and Portuguese, which is also related to the number of minions accompanying him.
  • Lord De Seis is also likely a play on words, with "De Seis" sounding like "Deceased," meaning dead, making him Lord of the Dead.

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