Low level Hell rush is a way to rush low level characters to hell. There are 2 ways of doing it: Classic rush and Baalbug rush.

Classic rushEdit

For classic rush you will need a classic character capable to rush you until Hell Act III. When you are in Act III, you can upgrade to an Expansion Character and finish the rush there.

  • Advantage of a classic rush is that you don't need to search for a glitcher.


  • You can not make a classic rush for Druid or Assassin
  • You need a classic character that can rush

Baalbug rushEdit

For a glitch rush you need to find a "bumper" (a person who will perform a "glitch"). The bumper must be at least level 20 in Normal or 40 in Nightmare without completing the Eve of Destruction in this level of difficulty (for example: character level 30 in Normal that is doing baalruns, but didn't kill Baal yet). To find such a person in chat you will need to search for a player without a title (Slayer, Champion, Patriarch, Matriarch) for normal glitch or with Slayer title for Nightmare glitch with the appropriate level.

Glitch tactics:

  1. Make sure you and the gater are in a game, where both of you can finish Baal quest.
  2. Form a party.
  3. Bumper goes to Baal's throne room and kills all his minions (or a third player, normally a high level character).
  4. Bumper (or the high level character, if any) kills Baal. Both the bumper and you get the quest.

Advantages of a baalbug rush:

  • You can rush any character, including Druid and Assassin
  • Glitch rushing is normally faster if you don't have to search for bumpers
  • You don't need a classic character


  • It may take awhile to find a bumper

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