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Lut Gholein

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Lut Gholein
Act Act II}}
Quests Radament's Lair, The Horadric Staff, Tainted Sun, The Arcane Sanctuary, The Summoner, The Seven Tombs
NPCs Jerhyn, Deckard Cain, Atma, Lysander, Greiz, Fara, Elzix, Meshif, Geglash, Kaelan
Adjacent Zones Rocky Waste, Harem
Waypoint Yes


The Wanderer and Marius arrive in Lut Gholein

Often called the Jewel of the Desert, Lut Gholein is the main trading port in Aranoch and the midpoint between the Western Kingdoms and Kehjistan beyond the Twin Seas in the East. The city is actually much larger than what appears in-game. It seems small so players don't get bored with all the travel, and would have used up a lot more disc-space if it was its full size. Lut Gholein has distinctive features of Arabian culture, while the dungeons outside feature Egyptian designs, complete with mummies, reanimated skeletons and beetles also known as scarabs.

Lut Gholein is visited by the player in Act II in Diablo II in an attempt to track down Diablo and prevent him from freeing his brother, Baal. However, the journey proves difficult as Diablo unleashes evil in his wake, warping the local creatures into demonic forms.

The city is tormented by Radament: a mummified Horadric mage possessed by a demon, who is hiding in the sewers below. The player is also required to find the key pieces (Horadric Cube and the two pieces of the Horadric Staff) to unlock Tal Rashas tomb where Baal is imprisoned. The Summoner takes control of the Arcane Sanctuary, releasing demons into the Palace and threatening the city.


The townsfolk of Lut Gholein offer various services, these being:


There are six quests in Lut Gholein:


The following waypoints can be found and used (after activation) in Act II:


The city is very large and usually has very good defenses (as stated in Legacy of Blood, including well-built wall structures and a well-trained army. However, since the arrival of the Wanderer, many guards have been slain and the rest were ordered back into the Palace to defend it. Jerhyn hired Greiz and his mercenaries to protect the city instead. They have done a good job, but cannot hold against the demons beyond the city walls.


Lut Gholein, aside from Diablo II, is also referenced in the Richard A. Knaak Diablo novels The Kingdom of Shadow and Legacy of Blood.

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