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Lyndon the Scoundrel - Conversation Achievement is an achievement in Diablo III.

Lyndon's OriginsEdit

Available in the Quest: The Fallen Star (Act I)

Player: Where do you come from?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Kingsport, the city by the sea. Home to the great merchant fleets and endless nets of reeking fish!

Player: And your trade?

Scoundrel Lyndon: I am between jobs at the moment.

Player: That is not an honest answer.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Nonsense. I am the most honest thief you will ever meet.

The Unrepentant RogueEdit

Available in the Quest: The Doom in Wortham (Act I)

Player: It is starnge that you waste your time in pursuit of women.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Waste?! Time is scarcely better spent.

Player: But you stay with none of them.

Scoundrel Lyndon: I've only found one worth keeping... but she slipped way from me.

Player: I see. You bother women to ease the sting.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Well, no. Sometimes they should bother me!

Kingsport FightingEdit

Available in the Quest: Trailing the Coven (Act I)

Player: You are a skilled fighter.

Scoundrel Lyndon: My brother taught me when we were younger. He thought the crossbow was the best weapon for me since it would give me time to run away if i botched things too badly.

Player: Where is he now?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Oh, he's still in Kingsport. I expect he'll be there a good long time.

Sticky FingersEdit

Available in the Quest: The Imprisoned Angel (Act I)

Player: How did you become a thief?

Scoundrel Lyndon: That's a long and terrible story that y-you wouldn't want to hear.

Player: You found something you liked and couldn't afford?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Basically.

Player: Perhaps you should be more reasonable.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Oh, there was nothing reasonable about her.

Difficult DecisionsEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Return to New Tristram (Act I)

Scoundrel Lyndon: Do you ever doubt your choices?

Player: I ponder them before, not after.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Things never seem to turn out like I hope they will.

Player: Trust the spirits. They will guide you.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Try living in the slums before you lecture me.

Player: I see you carry great pain.

Blood TiesEdit

Available at the start of Quest: The Road to Alcarnus (Act II)

Player: Do you have any other family?

Scoundrel Lyndon: My brother and I were orphans. We only had each other.

Player: Is he a thief also?

Scoundrel Lyndon: No. He was a member of the city guard.

Player: That seems odd.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Not as much as you might think. Until the end, that is.

Brothers DividedEdit

Available at the start of Quest: City of Blood (Act II)

Player: Why did you not follow your brother into the guards?

Scoundrel Lyndon: We're not much alike, really. He was always dependable and practical... a complete bore, I'd say.

Player: And you were drawn to trouble.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Hardly! I was just amusing myself with the Thieves Guild. It was nothing serious.

Player: Until you became a criminal.

Scoundrel Lyndon: That may have been serious.

The Guard's FateEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Unexpected Allies (Act II)

Player: What happened to your brother?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Nothing you'd want to hear.

Player: I wouldn't ask if I didn't.

Scoundrel Lyndon: And then what? I suppose you'll make it all right? You'll fix it up just like another one of your little errands? Some things aren't that easy.

Player: And some things are made harder than they should be.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Oh gods, and you're so noble about it too. Spare me.

First LoveEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Blood and Sand (Act II)

Player: Tell me, have you ever truly loved a woman?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Ah yes, the unreasonable one I spoke of earlier. I loved her with every inch of my heart before it went black as coal.

Player: Where did she go?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Well, she did what all unreasonable women do: married the wrong man.

Player: You did not steal her back?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Wouldn't have been easy... He was my brother.

The Thief's SecretEdit

Available at the start of Quest: The Siege of Bastion's Keep (Act III)

Player: Tell me more of your brother. Tell me the truth.

Scoundrel Lyndon: We used to be a team. I'd tip him off to some of the Thieves Guild's hits; he'd bring in the guards and play it off like it was a lucky catch. But one time he showed up too early...

Player: When you robbed the Merchants Guild Bank.

Scoundrel Lyndon: None other. Some of the guards became suspicious. They thought he was involved... and he's been rotting in a cell in Kingsport ever since, I... well, I managed to escape.

Player: And you feel responsible.

Scoundrel Lyndon: I don't know what I feel anymore.

The Scoundrel's WealthEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Tremors in the Stone (Act III)

Player: What do you do with all of the riches you find?

Scoundrel Lyndon: Living a life of depravity and overindulgence, naturally.

Player: In this cold and desolate place? I doubt it.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Fine. Perhaps I have found that my treasure is put to better use elsewhere.

Player: You send your riches away?

Scoundrel Lyndon: We all have debts to pay, friend.

Brotherly LoveEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Heart of Sin (Act III)

Player: Does your brother know that you love his wife?

Scoundrel Lyndon: No. She didn't take the time to tell him before waltzing off to the altar. Now their children would starve if not for the gold I send their way.

Player: But you are responsible for their father's imprisonment.

Scoundrel Lyndon: He will be free again in time. Paying off the Merchants Guild of Kingsport is no small task. And aren't you supposed to be on my side here?!

A Dark OutlookEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Fall of the High Heavens (Act IV)

Scoundrel Lyndon: Well, we've had a good time, right? Shame about our imminent deaths.

Player: You do not seem troubled.

Scoundrel Lyndon: You don't choose this life and expect to live to an old age. Still, it's the women I feel sorry for.

Player: Which women?

Scoundrel Lyndon: All of them. There will be heaving bosoms and torn clothes all across the land when word spreads that I've fallen in battle.

A Lost FamilyEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Fall of the High Heavens (Act IV)

Player: Do you think of your family still?

Scoundrel Lyndon: No point in it. I'll never see them again.

Player: Are you so assured of our defeat?

Scoundrel Lyndon: My brother's wife thinks I was... involved with his imprisonment, and he believes her.

Player: What?

Scoundrel Lyndon: As low as I am, I would never frame him. Not even to win her back. But they won't hear a word of it. For all the gold I send to them, I receive nothing in response.

A Final GiftEdit

Available at the start of Quest: Prime Evil (Act IV)

Player: I have a gift for you, Lyndon.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Is that so?

Player: It is gold. We will go to Kingsport one day soon. Then you can pay your debts, and your brother will be free.

Scoundrel Lyndon: You are much too kind.

Player: We have journeyed together a long way. I am happy to aid you.

Scoundrel Lyndon: Words fail me.

Player: Words are not always needed.

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