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M'avina's Battle Hymn

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Mav set

M'avina's Battle Hymn

M'avina's Battle Hymn

Partial Set BonusEdit

+20 To Strength (2 Items)
+30 To Dexterity (3 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+3 To Amazon Skill Levels
+20 To Strength
+30 To Dexterity
All Resistances +50
+100 Defense
+100 To Attack Rating
100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
Display Aura

Notes: This Set is designed for the Amazon, however any class can wear the items in this Set except for M'avina's Caster. Only the Amazon can complete this Set.

When you complete this set you get a special aura that, although it does not do anything, makes your character look unique.

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