Ideal items:

Skill points:

How many points you spend in each skill is your decision, depending on if you're seeking higher FoH damage, higher hammer damage, or an even mix of the two.

The skills you are going to want to play with are Vigor, Blessed Hammer, Blessed Aim, Fist of the Heavens, Holy Shock and Conviction. If you plan on achieving max block (75% chance to block), it is generally a good idea to spend a single point into Holy Shield as it increases chance to block, allowing you to spend less points in Dexterity.

Download a copy of one of the many character editors available. This way, if you make a mistake while designing your Mage, you can reattempt the build without having to create an entirely new character.

Stats themselves are as usual, spend only what you need to achieve max block (if you plan on being a max block build), be able to equip your gear and leave the rest to Vitality.