The Mage Clans of Kehjan consisted of several orders of the most powerful spellcasters and magic wielders the world of Sanctuary had seen in its early years. Along with the Merchants Guild, the Mage Clans pretty much formed the ruling body of Kehjan, especially through their esteemed Council of Clans.

The term might sound misleading. Though there were multiple clans, they did not form a single, unified collective - in fact, far from that. The Mage Clans were constantly bickering with each other, eying their fellow mages with suspicion and jealousy. If anything, the alliance of the several clans was a farce. The Clans were constantly probing each other for signs of weakness which they hoped to exploit in order to gain influence and standing at the cost of the other clans.

There were at least seven powerful clans, along with at least seven (possibly more) lesser clans. Though many of the Clans remain unknown, at least two Clans were named:

It remains unknown whether the great Clans of modern times were amongst those first mentioned, such as the Vizjerei Clan, the Taan Clan or the Zann Esu.

Clans and Orders of Sanctuary