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D2 mana ball demon
Diablo II Mana Orb
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Mana is the amount of energy that a character has. It is used for casting spells or applying abilities. If mana is depleted casting spells will be temporarily disabled, unless the character has generated enough mana again.

The amount of maximum mana is affected by items with mana or Energy attributes.

Diablo IIIEdit

Witch Doctor's Mana orb.
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In Diablo III, only Witch Doctors have Mana due to balancing reasons. In exchange, the classes have alternative resources that have different ways of regenerating (for example, the Monk has Spirit, which generates points for every attack he lands).

A Witch Doctor's inborn connection to the Unformed Land allows them to tap into a deep well of spiritual energy, called Mana. This connection deepens as the Witch Doctor gains levels, increasing by 10 every level up to the level cap of 60. This is the only resource that actually increases with any hero's leveling

Mana is a vast but slowly-regenerating resource; Witch Doctors must be choosy with their attack spells and hexes to ensure that they don't leave themselves depleted of power and exposed to enemy attacks.

Since Mana returns ponderously, Witch Doctors conserve it by relying on semi-permanent additions to their arsenal, such as their summoned mongrels and the horrific gargantuan, which can offer protection and chew through enemies without any further mana cost.

Witch Doctors have a sizeable reservoir of energy to call upon at once, and, when they need to, they can deploy immense blasts of destructive force and cut a swath across nearly any battleground in a short period of time.

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