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For similar spells in other games, see Energy Shield and Energy Armor.
Mana Shield

Requires: 25 Magic
Active / Passive
Cost: 33 Mana

Absorbs all damage taken, draining Mana instead of Life.

Damage Type: Magic

Mana Shield is a spell in Diablo I.

General InformationEdit

Mana Shield is a protection spell that allows Mana to be drained instead of health on any damaging hit. In Diablo I, Spell Level does not upgrade it; Mana cost does not change.

Regardless of spell level, all damage taken is cut down to 2/3 of unsaved damage the character would normally suffer, giving a Sorcerer's Mana a better "effective Life pool" than bonus Life bonuses ever can. The effect is dispelled whenever the player enters a stairwell or a portal, or when their Mana runs out (even if one uses a Mana potion afterwards, the effect will have already disappeared). A small bubble is displayed above the character while this spell is active.

A Sorcerer's repertoire of spells should always include Mana Shield; without it, they are too frail to be of any good against the minions of Hell.

A Magical Shrine casts Mana Shield on the player, free of Mana cost.

Under the effect of Mana Shield, a character is immune to stun and knockback, as technically they do not take any damage.

  • Damage reduction in Diablo: 33%
  • Damage reduction in Hellfire: Bugged. The spell is supposed to increase the damage reduction with increasing Spell Levels, but actually does the opposite. Formula: 100/(3 x Spell Level)%, the maximum spell level is 7.
  • Duration: Infinite. Only ends when Mana drops to zero, or when leaving the current dungeon level.


Diablo 1 spells - Mana Shield (by Decimius)00:09

Diablo 1 spells - Mana Shield (by Decimius)

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