Meditations on My Redemption is a memoir written by a Crusader in memory of his master, Roland.


  • "My master believed salvation knows no bounds. I was a soul to be saved, so he saved me. That is why I proudly bear his name. The name of a great man."[1]
  • "My master would not be deterred. My redemption, even in the face of my obstinate nature, testifies to the depth of his faith in his beliefs, and in me."[2]
  • "I slew many an opponent with my bare hands before my master rescued me from the fighting pits of Kalden. His gauntlets now sanctify these instruments of death."[3]
  • "Many an hour I spent polishing these pauldrons, cursing the name of Roland. Would that I could polish them for him again, and place them on his shoulders one last time."[4]
  • "I walk forever in my master’s boots so that I never forget it was my insolence that caused his death. To honor his memory, I live my life in a manner beyond reproach — one that embodies everything it means to be a crusader."[5]
  • "Time passes, but the memory of my master, and the knowledge of what he did for me, does not fade. In fact, it grows stronger. I swear his name shall never be forgotten."[6]


The excerpts form a mini-narrative of their own of the Roland's Legacy item set in Diablo III. Each excerpt comes from one part of the set.


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