Megademon D2

The Megademon is a large demon found only in hell, and its appearance close to the normal image of a demon. Their variants are:

The Megademons are essentially an updated version of the Balrog found in the original Diablo, possessing the same body structure and ability to cast Inferno.

One of the most famous Megademons is the Infector of Souls.


Megademons are archetypical demons spawned from the hottest fires of Hell, with no other purpose than to act as the scourge of all mortals. Standing over their lesser demons and mortals alike, their leather like wings and demonic horns are an awesome, if not terrifying, sight to behold. They wield jagged blades of unknown creation that they use to hew any being that defies the will of their dark lords.


All types of Megademon have the power to cast an inferno spell to destroy their opponents. Fire resistance and fire absorb is a good way to stay safe when challenging them. Distance and a strong attack is the best solution for their death.

Megademon (Diablo II)