Milabrega's Orb is a set kite shield in Diablo II. It is one of the four pieces of the Milabrega's Regalia item set.

Milabrega's Orb is one of three shields with Magic Find as an attribute. The others are the Rhyme Rune Word and the Splendor Rune Word.


Milabrega's Orb
Kite Shield

Defense: 44 (Base Defense: 16-18)
Defense: 53 (Base Defense: 16-18)
Chance to block: Pal: 38%, Azn/Asn/Bar: 33%, Dru/Nec/Sor: 28%
Required Level: 17
Required Strength: 47
Durability: 30

+25 Defense
+20% Better chance of getting magic items

+50 Life (2 Items)
+50% Enhanced Defense (3 Items)

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