Were you looking for smaller, less powerful, more common Baal's Minions?

Minion of Destruction Concept art

Minions of Destruction are the personal pets of Baal, the Lord of Destruction.

Minions of Destruction are only found in the Throne of Destruction. They are led by Lister the Tormentor.

He can almost always be seen with at least two of them on either side waiting for his command. When they attack, and you take a hit, you will feel like you have been hit by twenty fists and not only four. These beasts like to snap the neck of their prey with a single strike, dragging them off to eat for a future meal. They can, unlike other monsters, regenerate their health and therefore, are one of the deadliest enemies to fight against (and possibly the MOST dangerous save for bosses) in the entire game.

Tips and Other Additional InformationEdit

Minions of Destruction are considered among the strongest enemies in game and they can be a serious threat on Hell (difficulty) with their ability to Stun. Since they are the last wave of minions to fight before confronting Baal, and usually don't leave any items except potions, many players would avoid fighting Minions. A good and efficient trick is to lure them to the lower part of the level, anywhere where Baal can't see them. A great place to lure them would be the doors where the hero entered the Throne of Destruction. Once this is done, simply outrun them and return to the Throne where Baal is. Baal will start laughing and he will enter the portal and the game will act like the player has killed all Minions of Destruction. If you would rather kill them, guerilla tactics are your best bet- attempting to kill them in front of Baal is suicidal, as he will cast Decrepify on you, slowing you down and weakening your resistance to Physical damage enough that even a fully equipped tank would be hard-pressed to survive, let alone kill the monsters. Lure the Minions away from the Throne where Baal can't aid them- only then will your battle show signs of progress in an efficient timeframe.

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