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NPC is an abbreviation for 'Non-Player Character'. They are computer-controlled (or, if you play on, server controlled) characters and usually encountered within the starting town.

Most NPCs serve a purpose. They can provide various services: some heal the player and his minions, repair the player's items, trade with the player or provide gambling services. In addition, most quests are obtained from NPC's. Some NPC's merely have a decorative goal to simulate crowdedness; players usually can't interact with any of them.

NPCs in the Diablo series of games
Diablo I icon Tristram NPCs Hellfire icon

Diablo NPCsAdriaDeckard CainFarnhamGillianGriswoldKael RillsOgdenPepinWirt

Hellfire NPCsCeliaComplete NutLester

Diablo II icon Diablo II NPCs Diablo II LOD icon

Act I NPCsAkaraCharsiDeckard CainFlavie - Gheed - Kashya - Warriv

Act II NPCsAtmaDeckard CainDrognanElzixFaraGeglashGreizJerhynKaelanLysanderMeshifTyraelWarriv

Act III NPCsAlkorAshearaDeckard CainHratliMeshifNatalyaOrmusDark Wanderer

Act IV NPCsDeckard CainHadrielHalbuIzualJamellaTyrael

Act V NPCsAnyaDeckard CainLarzukMalahNihlathakQual-KehkTyrael

2ed Diablo NPCs from D&D Diablo 3ed Diablo

Waystruck NPCsDelphaTaggartGwenSophieRaffles

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