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NPC is a common abbreviation for 'Non-Player Character'. They are computer-controlled (or, if you play on, server-controlled) characters and are usually encountered within the towns.

Most NPCs serve a purpose. They can provide various services: some heal the player and their minions, repair the player's items, trade with the player or provide gambling services. In addition, most quests are obtained from NPC's. Some NPCs offer no services but an opportunity to talk to them, even having a special "Gossip" entry with a random speech.

Some NPC's merely have a decorative goal to simulate crowdedness; players usually can't interact with any of them. At best they can give out some random phrases, but are overall ambient objects.

There is no way to attack NPCs. However, some of them may attack the monsters, although usually the game script avoids that. Even if NPCs are allowed to fight, their damage is negligible, although they can sometimes draw the enemy's attention for a short time and buy the player a second or two. NPCs vital to the plotline are marked as "essential" and therefore may not be killed in battle.

In a manner of speaking, hirelings and followers may be considered NPCs, as they are not under the player's direct control.

NPCs in the Diablo series of games
Diablo I icon Tristram NPCs Hellfire icon

Diablo NPCsAdriaDeckard CainFarnhamGillianGriswoldKael RillsOgdenPepinWirt

Hellfire NPCsCeliaComplete NutLester

Diablo II icon Diablo II NPCs LoD

Act I NPCsAkaraCharsiDeckard CainFlavie - Gheed - Kashya - Warriv

Act II NPCsAtmaDeckard CainDrognanElzixFaraGeglashGreizJerhynKaelanLysanderMeshifTyraelWarriv

Act III NPCsAlkorAshearaDeckard CainHratliMeshifNatalyaOrmusDark Wanderer

Act IV NPCsDeckard CainHadrielHalbuIzualJamellaTyrael

Act V NPCsAnyaDeckard CainLarzukMalahNihlathakQual-KehkTyrael

2ed Diablo NPCs from D&D Diablo 3ed Diablo

Waystruck NPCsDelphaTaggartGwenSophieRaffles

Act IAdenah the Curio VendorAlaricArghus the CollectorBeleaguered FarmerBrother Malachi the HealerBron the BarkeepCaptain RumfordCrazed HermitDeckard CainGhost of the Cow KingGhostly WomanKarynaKyr the WeaponsmithLeahLloigor the CrazedMarkoMayor HolusNek the BrawlerQueen AsyllaRadek the FenceRodger the AlchemistSashaTashun the MinerThe FerrymanTyraelVendel the ArmorsmithVerrallVirgilWandering TinkerWarrivWilla RatheWounded Man

Act IIAdriaAleranAshearaCaliemCaptain DavydGhaine the HealerHakan IIIron Wolf JarulfJavad the MerchantKadimLarraLeahLieutenant VachemLugo the MinerMiaMehtan the NecromancerNek the BrawlerSadeir the InnkeeperSilmak the FenceSquirt the PeddlerTilnean the CollectorTyraelZaven the AlchemistZoltun Kulle

Act IIIAdriaAndreus the HealerBotulph the MinerDrianFormer Mayor HolusGarell the QuartermasterHalmin the AlchemistHansen HaileIronsmith MaldonadoLeahLieutenant ClyftonLieutenant LavailLieutenant MeritynLitton the FenceMartaMessenger MartynsNek the BrawlerNikolaPrivate MattiusSergeant BurroughsSergeant DalenSergeant PaleTyraelVidar the Collector

Act IVAndreus the HealerAurielBotulph the MinerGarell the QuartermasterItheraelLitton the FenceNek the BrawlerTyrael

Act VDiadra the ScholarEmilyEnkasiGeneral TorionGuardianHalbuHalissaImperiusIsendraJamellaKylaLorath NahrMaster CrusaderMehtan the NecromancerNek the BrawlerPatriarch AnisimPowell the MinerTyraelZayl

Adventure ModeAbd al-HazirDane BrightKadalaLorath NahrOrekSkularTyraelUrshi

ArtisansCovetous ShenHaedrig EamonMyriam JahziaZoltun Kulle (Kanai's Cube)

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