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For Diablo II ring, see Nagelring (Diablo II).

The Nagelring is a Legendary ring in Diablo III. It requires character level 8 to drop.

As of patch 2.0., it is the only ring that can roll Magic Find, and has the largest bonus in game (comparable only to the set bonus of Cain's Destiny).

Stats (Level 8)Edit

Legendary Ring

  • 25–50% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies):
    • Ranged and melee attackers take 1 damage per hit
    • Ranged and melee attackers take 2 damage per hit
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies):
    • +2 Life per Hit
    • +5–6 Life per Hit
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

"Crafted by a mad sorcerer during his long imprisonment within the bitter labyrinths of the Black Obelisk of Vyr."

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