A Natural Summoner is a Druid build that focuses on the Elemental and Summoning skill trees, forgoing the melee combat bonuses of the Shape-Shifting tree. As such, this build downplays melee combat in exchange for the ranged attack damage provided by spells such as Fissure and Molten Boulder, while at the same time keeping enemies at bay with Ravens, Dire Wolves, and the Grizzly. Summoners can also use ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows and throwing weapons to damage enemies from afar rather than spells (sometimes referred to as a Hunter Druid).


  • This build allows for a fair degree of flexibility in terms of what skills you do and do not care to take.
  • Makes for a strong PvM (Players versus Monsters) build.


  • The Druid himself lacks significant melee strength, and may fall if the enemy breaches his protective barrier of Summoned creatures.
  • Builds that use Carrion Vine/Solar Creeper do not play well with Summonmancers, as the vines devour any corpses they come across.

You have to play specially around the Summoning Skills tree. Spend up to five in Spirit Wolf because it works as a synergy for the Dire Wolves and the Grizzly and they are useful early in the game. Spend just one point in Oak Sage and level the Spirit Wolves only to five before continue keeping all your points for Dires, Grizzly.

Stat points:

Strength - Enough to wear in-game armors

Dexterity - Enough to wear in-game Armors and Shields

Vitality - The remaining points

Energy - It is suggested to put little to no points into energy. Although early on in the game you will not have enough mana to summon all minions at once, this will balance out later in the game. And if you choose your skill points wisely, you will rarely have to re-summon any pets.

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