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The Normal difficulty is the easiest of all difficulties.

Diablo IIEdit

Characters that are created will be placed in this difficulty.

Hirelings and Summons deal 50% damage to Act bosses on this difficulty.

If a character accomplished the last Quest of Act 4 (killing Diablo) in non-expansion you will gain a new title.

  • Hardcore: Male will be Count and Female Countess
  • Softcore: Male will be Sir and Female Dame

If it is an expansion character, you must kill Baal in Act 5 to gain a new title.

  • Hardcore: Male and Female will be Destroyer
  • Softcore: Male and Female will be Slayer

Diablo IIIEdit

There is nothing special about this difficulty. It can be thought of as the "base" off of which all other difficulties are calculated.

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