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Notes of Urik the Seer is a three-part tome in Act I of Diablo III. All parts are needed to complete the achievement A Quick Study and can be found in the Cave of the Moon Clan.

The parts read as follows:

Part 1Edit

Location: Southern Highlands, Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1

"Long I have labored to master the dark arts. Now I finally reap the rewards, for Maghda has acknowledged me! She promised me a special task that will bring endless glory to the Great One. I can hardly rest until she reveals it on the morrow!"

Part 2Edit

Location: Southern Highlands, Cave of the Moon Clan Level 2

"Goatmen! All of my labors were for a bunch of rotten, stinking goatmen! Maghda claims that they will become our most valuable allies and that the task is one that she can entrust to no one but me, but I know my place. I am most bruisingly humbled."

Part 3Edit

Location: Southern Highlands, Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1 & 2

Replay the dungeon and Part 3 should replace Part 1, while Part 2 is replaced with nothing.

"Enslaving the goatmen was easier than I anticipated. My magic seemed to reignite the savagery deep within them, and they flocked to me in hordes. A few escaped — those who understood the fate of their people — but they are too weak to counter my spells. The Moon clan attacks at my command!"

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