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Oath is the rune word 'ShaelPulMalLum' for swords, axes, or maces in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Due to the indestructibility mod, Oath works well with ethereal weapons, and with a high roll its damage can rival the best weapons in the game while having a fraction of the cost involved. It features little outside of the jaw-smashing damage, though.

30% Chance To Cast Level 20 Bone Spirit On Striking
+50% Increased Attack Speed
+210-340% Enhanced Damage
+75% Damage To Demons
+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Energy
+10-15 Magic Absorb
Level 16 Heart of Wolverine (20 Charges)
Level 17 Iron Golem (14 Charges)

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