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Oblivion Knight

Oblivion Knights are a group consisting of the blade-wielding Doom Knights, the versatile Abyss Knights and the spell-casting Oblivion Knights themselves.

They can be found at the Outer Steppes, the City of the Damned, the River of Flame and the Chaos Sanctuary respectively.

The Oblivion Knights (as well as the Abyss Knights) can throw elemental bolts to their target and also use spells that are normally used by Necromancers like Bone Spirit and Curses (mostly Decrepify, Iron Maiden, Lower Resist).

Oblivion Knights (spellcasters) are not affected by the Barbarian Taunt skill.

A Super Unique Oblivion Knight is Lord De Seis, a highly feared monster, who only appears after opening the northern-most one of the three seals in Chaos Sanctuary. Oddly, De Seis and his minions cannot be revived by Necromancers. The Oblivion Knights that have both hands glowing cannot be revived, although the other two can be, and are often quite solid as minions.

Since patch 1.13, Oblivion Knights in the Chaos Sanctuary can no longer cast the Iron Maiden curse. It was removed due to numerous complaints from players that it made the area too difficult for melee characters.


Undead Fighter: The souls of the most ruthless and corrupt mortal warriors to die in the Sin War often come to reside in Hell. Forged in the fires of eternal punishment, some of these spirits are reborn as cruel shadows of their former glory. Clad in demon forged armor and wielding arcane weapons of destruction, they roam the gateway to Hell in search of those who would invade their sinister domain.

Undead Mage: Like their brutish counterparts, these minions of Hell are comprised of the most mendacious and merciless Sorcerers and Necromancers slain in the Mage Clan Wars. Their thirst for power has followed them to the grave and was easily manipulated by the Prime Evils when creating these dark mages. Wielding the same powers in Hell as they did in the mortal realm, they pose a fatal threat to even the most experienced adventurer.

Oblivion Knight
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