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Oh, the Places You'll Go! is a campaign achievement in Diablo III given for exploring specific dungeons in Act III.


The Arreat Gate

  • Fortified Bunker, Levels 1 & 2
  • The Barracks, Levels 1 & 2

The Battlefields

  • Battlefield Stores, Levels 1 & 2
  • Cryder's Outpost
  • The Forward Barracks
  • The Foundry, Levels 1 & 2

Fields of Slaughter

Rakkis Crossing

  • The Underbridge

Achievement RewardsEdit

  • 10 Achievement Points
  • Banner Sigil, Ballista

Related AchievementsEdit


The name of this achievement comes from the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You'll Go!.

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