The Order of Light (or Order of the Light) was a group of priests and knights who accompanied Leoric to Khanduras, and served the king to his last days.


The knights and priests that composed the Order of Light were those who Leoric had brought with him from Kehjistan, as he came to rule Khanduras, after establishing his capital in Tristram. Events took a dark turn for the Order and the people it served as Leoric was corrupted by Diablo. His mood darkenening, Leoric sent the Order's knights to other villages to bully the townspeople into submission. Lachdanan, the captain of the Order's knights, questioned Leoric's motives, and was accused of treason by Archbishop Lazarus. To the Order, the notion was rediculous, and many began harboring suspicions about their king.

Seeking to contain the eroding situation, Lazarus convinced the king that Westmarch was preparing for war against Khanduras, and as such, Leoric declared that he would strike first. Ignoring the admonishments of the court, Leoric sent the Royal Army of Khanduras to attack Westmarch, where the knights would accompany the soldiers. Additionally, many of his high-priests and officials were sent on diplomatic missions. Lazarus's ploy had worked—the Order was scattered, and many of them would find only death. At the least, death came to many of the knights of the Order, as the Royal Army was decimated by Westmarch's superior numbers and defensive positions.

Lachdanan led his remaining forces back to Tristram to confront his king. Realizing Leoric was beyond redemption, Lachdanan and the knights were forced to kill him. However, Leoric returned in skeletal form, and cursed the remaining knights to eternal damnation.[1]

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